10 First Date Tips For Men

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Going on a first date can be intimidating. There tends to be a lot of pressure on men. You want to make a great first impression because you obviously like this woman and ultimately, your goal is to land a second date. So how do you do that? Well have no fear, here are 10 first date tips for men that are guaranteed to help put you at ease and help you impress your date.

10 First Date Tips for Men

  1. Have a plan-Choose the place

If you asked her out, you should be responsible for planning the date. Plain and simple first date advice!  

Put some thought into where you want to go and plan it out. Make sure you give her enough notice and let her know where you would like to meet or take her. She needs to know the vibe so she can be comfortable and plan accordingly as well. Making a woman feel comfortable is one of the most critical date tips for men to follow. It will make the date go smoothly.

Showing that you put effort and thought into a date will score you points with a woman. Women don’t want to have to be responsible for planning everything all the time. 

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  1. Keep it short

A first date should be short and sweet. The goal is to see if there is enough interest to want to learn more about each other. You want to build excitement and intrigue for the following dates. 

A late afternoon coffee date is perfect for a first date. You can grab a coffee, chit chat in a non-pressuring environment for about an hour and then move on with your day.  If you hit it off, ask her out for a second date right then and there. Don’t wait, those games are outdated and unnecessary.

  1. Be on time
Man looking at his watch.  Being on time -first date tips.

Being on time is something that is so easy to do and yet so many people fail at it. This is probably one of the easiest first date tips on the list to follow. You want to show your date that you value them and their time. Remember you only get one chance to make a first impression. Show her that you are punctual and organized.

So make sure you know where you are going and plan accordingly. I even suggest getting there about 15-20 minutes early so you can scope out the situation especially if it is someplace you have never been before. The last thing you want to look like is unprepared and that you don’t know what you are doing.

  1. Put some effort into your appearance
Man dressed in suit. Dress to impress-first date advice for men.

Don’t be like the guy in the Downy-Ultra commercial who takes off his sweater on the first date and has a wrinkled t-shirt on underneath. His date is not impressed and he is then embarrassed.

I’m sure you have heard dress to impress before. This is key advice for a first date. You want to show your date that you care about your appearance and took some time and effort in preparing for this date. 

Play up your best physical features. Wear clothes and colors that accentuate your eyes and bring out your incredibly handsome smile. If you are in good shape, wear something that is form-fitting so she can see that you take care of yourself.

Also, make sure to give yourself a clean shave before the date. Studies have shown that women prefer men who are clean-shaven.

  1. Be engaged and ask questions

Once the date gets going is imperative to be engaged and present. Make sure you are listening to what she has to say and if you can add value to what she is saying then go for it. 

Conversation needs to flow. Think of it like a tennis match, you should be volleying back in forth. One person shouldn’t be dominating the conversation. You should both be engaged and sharing stories and asking questions to get to know each other better.

Don’t get so worried or nervous about asking the right questions that you forget to listen to her answers. You can learn a lot about someone from what they share, say, and have experienced. Plus these little things will help you determine if you are compatible and might just give you some insight on planning date number two.

  1. Stay off your phone

Our phones are glued to us. We can get any information we want at our fingertips which is a blessing and a curse. During a first date or any dates where you are just getting to know someone, your phone should be put away and on vibrate. Hopefully, this is one of the easier first date tips for men to remember and follow!

  1. Be confident

Men are always wondering what women like. And one thing that women like is confidence. Women want to feel safe and secure with a man. They want to feel protected. It goes back to primal instincts; a man is supposed to be able to provide and protect.

  1. Share a laugh
A couple laying on a blanket sharing a laugh. Laughter is important when dating.

One of the best ways to connect with anyone is through humor and laughter. One of the top traits that women look for in a man is a sense of humor. Studies have shown that couples who laugh together have happy long-term relationships.

What’s even more important than sharing a laugh, is finding the same type of things funny. Couples that have the same type of sense of humor are shown to go the distance.

Don’t be afraid to show your quirky side, it is an integral part of who you are and the type of woman you are trying to attract and are compatible with.

  1. Pay the bill
Man paying with a credit card.  Paying the bill is a firs date tip for men to follow.

This is meaningful first date advice for guys, you might not like me saying this but I believe in chivalry as do most women, and I believe a guy should pay for the first date. This is especially true if you were the one to ask the women out. 

Don’t leave her guessing if she should offer to pay or split it with you. This can lead to an awkward and uncomfortable moment that doesn’t need to happen. 

Here’s how to do it the right way. Check with your date to make sure she has had everything that she has wanted and if she is ready to move on. If she says she is all set, call over the waiter or go to the checkout and take care of the bill. She will be relieved and appreciate your gesture and thoughtfulness.

Women like and appreciate men who take the lead. This small but important gesture can set the stage and will definitely give you a leg up.

  1. Don’t say you will call if you’re not interested

Probably the worst offense you can make on a first date it to say to a woman “we should do this again sometime” or say “I will give you a call”- knowing that you have NO intention of ever doing this. If you didn’t feel that spark, that is okay. Not every first date is going to be magic or oozing with chemistry. But to give a woman false hope is just plain wrong and cowardly!

So how do you handle it if you aren’t interested after a first date?

You should end the date like a gentleman and thank her for coming out and tell her it was nice to meet her and get to know her. That is it!  Don’t go in for that awkward hug or kiss. It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that. You are being polite and a woman is smart enough to know that you aren’t interested in pursuing her further yet you were respectful.

First Date Rules For Guys

Remember these 10 tips for a first date and you are on your way to success and possibly a new girlfriend! Dating should be fun and exciting. Relax, and enjoy the ride. If your date doesn’t go as planned or turn out as you had hoped, there are plenty of more fish in the sea and opportunities to be had! 🙂

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