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Modern Man Dating Advice is a site dedicated to helping men navigate dating, relationships, and love. Practical advice that works to help you land the women of your dreams.

This site is dedicated to helping guys out there who are looking to sharpen their dating skills and who want to find the love of their life.

How do I know this advice will work?

Because I know what women are looking for and know what all their hidden signals mean because I am a woman!

If you follow my advice you will have a leg up because you will know how to attract and keep the right woman.

About Kelly

I am a cheerleader for love. I believe that everyone deserves to have and receive love. I consider myself an expert in dating and landing the love of your life. I have been on a ton of dates, from the good, bad, to the ugly. And I have coached many others on how to date and on how to maintain their relationships. When anyone is looking for help meeting there special someone, they come to me for advice.

My expertise is in online dating. I have tried many of the popular sites and met my husband through online dating. I also have helped numerous friends and family members with their profiles and they are happily dating someone or are in committed relationships with the aid of my knowledge and skills.

If you are serious about meeting someone special, let me help you!